He wont stop smoking around me...😢


I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I know second hand smoke is bad and know what it causes.. I used to be okay with it as long as your across the room from me. My obgyn asked me if he still smokes and I was like yeah and I also have guest over every day who smoke around me too. And she was like whether they're across the room or not you are inhaling smoke cause it ventilates throughout the whole house so they need to start going outside to smoke. I was scared to talk to my fiance about this but i did anyway cause its really important to me that they start going outside, and i said look im not trying to come off as a bitch or even sound bitchy, but my obgyn said you HAVE to start smoking outside cause its bad for the baby. I told him it didnt matter if theyre in a different room or not i still inhale it.

My fiance got pissed. He was like BABE. My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me its okay to smoke during pregnancy ive done my research. And said its a good thing i dont smoke but if i wanted to itd be safe.

I just stayed quiet because my eyes started watering up i didnt want him to know i was crying... and then he said "im not mad babe" okay then why were you yelling at me a second ago?! He wont smoke around his fucking sister whos pregnant but lets the smoke fucking go straight up in my nose along with everyone else who comes over and smokes. Including his family we went out to eat and omfg they made me sit with them in the smoking section while his dad, his mom, my fiances best friend, and me were ALL SMOKING and so much of it was so overbearing I covered my nose most of the time that I could! They are so inconsiderate, they don't even care about the baby. But with my fiances sister everyone goes outside and stays completely away from her when they smoke. But with me they don't give a shit. Lets go in the smoking section with a fucking pregnant lady yeah it's cool.. assholes. Then I get yelled at for telling my fiance nicely to start going outside. If he won't stop no one else will 😢 no one will listen to me my fiance completely refused.. why do I deserve this.

Doing "research" and how your mom smoked while she was pregnant with you doesnt mean its okay to do it. He just got mad and im so pissed that im crying. I just want a perfectly healthy baby and no one else seems to care about my baby but me! :/ advice please... 😢 im really sensitive now being pregnant so oretty much anytime my fiance gets mad at me or yells at me i cry instantly. Like yesterday he yelled at me infront of everyone over fucking chips. I asked if he wanted sour cream and onion chips and he was like NO THATS PICKLE FLAVORED. and i was like no baby its sour cream and onion. WELL IT TASTES LIKE FUCKING PICKLES TO ME SO THEREFORE ITS FUCKING PICKLED FLAVORED. GOD DAMN.

Im so tired... of him being so mean to me all the time. I cry every day. More than once a day. I deserve better treatment considering i do everything for this boy. pay for everything, do all chores, cook, go grocery shopping and bring in groceries while he sits on his xbox. Then he wonders why I'm so out of breath all the time. Cause I do everything! I got more important things to do like pass my cosmetology test to get my license tomorrow and get a job!

I just don't know how to stop everyone from smoking around me...