That moment when

Elizabeth • Student and former nanny and daycare attendant. Just making my way through the world learning and teaching
I began my period today and like usual it's been fairly heavy, this isn't unusual for me since I've spent 3 of the last 5 years on blood thinners due to a clotting condition. 
Today apparently I had been too busy to realize I hadn't eaten yet (woke up at 8 and its past 4 now) and I went to the grocery store with my mom. While there I began cramping pretty badly and suddenly I got hot flashes, shakes, and dizziness and I had a moment of panic thinking that this was going to be an ER visit kinda period which has happened only once before and only while I was on blood thinners (not taking them now). Turns out my blood pressure and sugar dropped and I needed to get a snack. I grabbed a coffee and some two bite brownies (sugar is good on these cases) and went to the car. I feel a million times better now and just need to remember to drink a glass of water when I wake up and to eat at least some yogurt and granola every morning. My poor boyfriend was all worried about me while he is at work. 
I cannot be the only person this has happened to right? I mean I'm completely healthy outside of my clotting disorder and being overweight, I'm NOT diabetic but I am REALLT bad about eating....