I don't know what to do.

Shani • Expecting princess #2

My MIL called on the 16th of April to let me know she wouldn't be able to make the baby shower which is very understandable (she lives 6 hours away and works dispatch for the PD so she has very few wknds off). So in the same conversation she asked me to send her a pic of the car seat and diaper bag I wanted she said she was going to get it. My shower was may 1st. On may 5th ish my SO asked my when we were going to get a car seat I told him his mom said she wanted to buy it . A few days later he spoke with her (around the 8th) to verify if she was still getting the car seat now it's the 20th I'm 35 weeks and still don't have a car seat. My SO said he spoke with her again on Tuesday and she said she was sending it.

How long should I wait before I go ahead and buy it myself? It's sold at babies r us but not sold in stores.

I had my daughter at 39 wks and I know each baby Is different but I really don't want to go in labor (say 37 or 38) and my SO have to run to walmart or target to get a seat I don't want. But I don't want to harass her either or get it and offend her.