Too young to have a baby?

Yeah I know people are probably going to give me a lot about this but I'm 19 years old. Me and my boyfriend been together for a year but known each other for 3 years, we been through a lot together especially when we had no one else we stuck by each other's sides, well we love each other, both work and are getting apartment  in about a month already talked to the people. And I want a baby. Yes I know it comes with responsibilities and you won't have much to yourself but I been through a lot in life and want a baby because I want to give it the life I didn't have to give all the love I have and it back as well. I feel like it wouldn't be the end of my life that it would be the beginning of it and would make me feel I have something to look forward to a goal to making it happy, keeping it safe and healthy, teaching it the things about life. Also if I was to have one well get pregnant soon i'd be 20 when it gets here and 20's are the best years for your reproductive system. But I'd like others opinions on this, would you say too young?