Six week mark.

I'll probably catch a lot of crap for this but here it goes,

On behalf of all new father's:

It's not okay to just think, "well, it's been at least 6 weeks of no sex, since giving birth, and I'm supposed to sacrifice having sex feeling gross still and not wanting it"

Well your man just sacrificed 6 weeks of no intimacy so instead of complaining about feeling pressured or gross, suck it up and treat your man. He's most likely done a lot over the last 9 months and has dealt with absolutely no intimacy for 6 weeks. Stop complaining and enjoy pleasing your man. I mean it's not like we're asking for the world. It's 5 to 20 to maybe 30 minutes (depending on your man). Come on ladies, we're not assholes, and we're not some horny pigs. We're your men, who want you. Sorry you feel gross, sorry you're not into it, but you think we were into 6 weeks solo watching porn ? Think about it.


I'm not trying to be insensitive or rude here. But ladies, there has to be some kind of intimacy. Not saying sex, but a long hug, a head on our chest, a long sweet kiss, or hold us for a minute. I needed to make that clear, because after rereading this I come across as the needy dickhead I was saying you think us as. And if your man doesn't change diapers, heat bottles, burps, do laundry, make you food, this post doesn't apply to you. Keep your legs closed because you don't have a baby daddy, you have a second child.