Should I be mad at him?!

I've never had an issue with my boyfriend watching port EVER until today... so we had been having sex a lot this weekend and you know after a while my vagina started to hurt so I didn't want to have sex today because it hurt and I was just tired and a little hungover. Well he thought I was sleeping and he started playing with himself, I don't care that he does it's what most people do but what upset me is all of a sudden I hear a video playing on his phone and as I pretended I was sleeping still I hear a female giving a guy head and my boyfriend is jerking off. I didn't bring it up I just ignored it, but what got me annoyed was when I was actually awake and moving around he wanted head. Like wtf you can watch porn with me "sleeping" right next to you and then want head even after that. I really have no problem with him watching porn it's just the fact that he watched it right next to me... should I even be upset?