Possible Cholestasis..

Nicole • Kylee Nicole Delacruz ~ June 4, 2016

It's a lot to read but please bare with me here.. I'm super miserable. Need product recommendations!!

I am 39 weeks pregnant. I have 5 days before my due date.

Yesterday I called my doctor because since Thursday I have had severe itching on my wrists with no rashes. And someone had mentioned a condition called cholestasis that happens towards the end of pregnancy. So I made a call to my doctor and he sent me in to labor and delivery at the hospital so they can monitor me and run tests. He said if I did in fact have cholestasis he would induce my labor because the disease would go away soon after delivery..

However, my blood tests came back too low to diagnose me with cholestasis, however reading about it, it says it may take up to a week or 2 before it will show up in any blood tests.

I do have an appointment on Wednesday and if I am still having the severe itching he plans on doing more tests.

The problem is I'M ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE! And because it may not show up on any tests, theres not much i can do. 😭

Have any of you mother's dealt with this and no of a product to help me with the itching???! I've cut my nails as to not scratch my skin too much. But now I feel that was a bad idea because I can't even scratch anymore.