Metallic taste in mouth at 36 weeks


So yes, I've had this before. When I first found out I was pregnant it was my first sign. That nasty metallic taste in my mouth. It would happen after I brushed my teeth and leave tingling sensation in my mouth for a bit. Best described taste... drinking water out of a cold metal cup. Do our hormones mimic the first trimester as we get closer?

Well now at 36 weeks it's happening again. I've read up on a few websites... They say it could very well be a surge in hormones. Which is in fact, what happens in the beginning of pregnancy.

So my question is... has anyone experienced this so late in pregnancy and is this in fact a sign of impending labor? This is my fourth child. However, I've only had my first child on my own 14 years ago. The other two were inductions. Therefore, I can't really compare.