Successful Induction, My Little Girl Is Here!

Samantha • Wisconsin
I was induced last Friday at 39 weeks. I went in at 7am, and they broke my water at 8 am. At that time I was at 2.5cm, I did some walking and waiting and by noon I was only at 3cm. My Dr then asked if I wanted the epidural because they were going to start the pitocen. I said yes and they went ahead and did those. Well my epidural only numbed my legs so I was having quite a bit of pain. They ended up taking it out and doing it again, well that time worked like a charm. By the time the 2nd epidural had kicked in I was still only at 3cm but a bit more thinned out. I had a feeling this was going to go like my last induction and last 38 hours. Well at 1 hour later a new nurse came on shift and asked if it was OK if she could check me and I said sure hoping for a miracle. She checked me and said I was at 10cm I honestly thought she was kidding. They had me turn to my side and put this "peanut ball" they called it between my legs she said it would help the baby to drop a bit more and she said she would be back in 30 min. Well she came back and had me push for 8 min and my baby girl was crowning. She called in my Dr and 2 pushes later my little girl was here. She was born at 4:46pm which was wonderful because my Dr was off at 5pm. I has a small 1 degree tare and that was it. This was a completely different experience from my first induction and I was so happy about it!!! 8lbs 8oz 20 inches long. Haley Jean