ali • TTC #1 for 4 yrs. Three Clomid cycles with two failed IUIs. Three failed Letrozole cycles with IUI and one failed Gonal-F cycle with IUI. IVF FET #1 = pregnant with #1! EDD 4/22 ♡

So ladies, I had my final ultrasound and bloodwork this morning before egg retrieval. Because I have so many follicles, around 20 less than 15 mm and around 15 above, my doctor is very concerned about OHSS. So, they changed my protocol at the last minute to trigger with Lupron instead of HCG. We just did the shot at 8:45 pm as instructed, and I go in for ER on Wednesday at 7:45 am. I'm devastated because they won't do a fresh transfer now due to the risk of OHSS and poor uterine lining quality because of the Lupron. The news was doubly depressing because I was nervous thinking that might be the route we have to take, all day awaiting "the phone call," to finally hear from the nurse at 3:30 pm to let us know we'd proceed with HCG. I was thrilled! An hour later, I got another call from the nurse saying the doctor was not comfortable going that route, so Lupron it is.

FET was disappointing enough to think about... now on top of that, they said it probably won't happen until August because by the time my period arrives and I'm ready, the andrology will be closed for the first two weeks of July! To say the least, I ran out of the clinic crying after picking up my syringe of Lupron....