Most likely wrong ....


I'm most likely wrong, but there are two very big things that run in my family. #1 Malinoma skin cancer - pretty much every other person in my family has had it including my brother when he was age 13 and #2 diabetes - everyone from my dad to my grandparents to my uncle's have it.

The other day I noticed a black spot on my arm. I told my husband about it and said I need to stay out of the sun and keep sun screen on (did not say a word about going to the Dr.) He laughed and said how about I just cut it off and have it biopsied for you. That hurt cause than he got my 7 year old making fun of me too.

The diabetes. My 4 year old is showing symptoms (excessive thirty, frequent urination, irritability, and excessive hunger) so I said I wanted to get him tested cause it's such a high rate in my family and again he laughed at me.

I like I said could very well be wrong but why does he have to make me feel like crap for wanting to be safe?!?! .....

Sorry just needed to rant. :'(