Random story to share 😭

This is my dog biscuit. He's a Great Pyrenees. He just turned two in April. He is 110lbs, calm, dopey (maybe a little slow even) HE IS SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE. 
(This is him with my 17 year old brother 😂)
(This is him with my 6year old)
Any ways: he brought in two baby deer a couple days ago, brand new babies, maybe 3lb spotted, precious twin baby fawns.
My older son is like "mommy biscuit has baby deers!" 😱😱😱😱😱
 (THIS STORY IS A LITTLE ROUGH IN SPOTS, BUT I PROMISE IT HAS AN OK END. STOP READING IF YOU ARE EASILY GROSSED OUT OR DONT WANT TO HEAR THE BAD.. SKIP DOWN TO THE PICTURES OF THE BABY DEER. That's where it's safe to resume reading for those of you who don't want to run the risk of being grossed out)
I ran out side and he was laying in the grass with a baby deer draped across his front paws just sitting over it panting. 😱 i was so sad!! 😭
I think he was just trying to protect it at this point because he wasn't chewing on it or anything, just burying his big nose in it and sniffing calmly. He growled at me when I tried to get close. I thought I was panicking until I saw the second one in the grass near him (it had to have been dead before he brought them in, like maybe wasn't actually born alive it was so much smaller and already covered in flies) I FREAKED! 
But I STILL hadn't reached full panic mode until I got a close enough look at the one in biscuits lap AND IT WAS BREATHING!! Omg omg omg!! I REALLY FREAKED!!!!! I thought for sure coyotes or natural causes or something had caused the mother to leave them especially with how small and almost deformed the for sure gone one was. 😱
I ran inside and tried to think of ANYTHING to lure my biscuit away. I was crazy trying to think of what might be awesome enough to move biscuit away safely. rawhide with peanut butter. Got it. I got him in the house and in his crate. Woo. Ok now what.. 
I wasn't sure if this baby was going to make it. He was just laying there breathing really shallowly, his eyes were bulgy and his tongue was out and flies were already trying to land on him. The panic is in full swing at this point. I don't know shit about baby deer! 
I get a towel and pick it up, I don't know if it has a broken neck or what. There is no blood on it Except from the umbilical. THAT is how new this baby was. 😭😫
I pick it up and it comes out of shock kind of, like it held its head up and licked it's lips and made its eyes look normal.. It swiveled it's ears around and looked like nothing happened.. Whaaaaaat?
(It was a long hot day disregard the hot mess called me. THAT BABY DEER THO 😍)
Long story short I got ahold of my little sister who knows a thing or two, and she gave me the contact of an orphaned baby deer saving angel. I took the baby out to her and she has been nursing it back to health and keeping me updated.
(Baby deer Two days after I picked his lifeless little body in shock)
This elderly lady is the sweetest nature loving grandmother in the world 💕 the baby is safe and healthy and has made it a week old today. Gahhhhh such a happy/nail biting rant/praise lol
(Also: biscuit has been put on the tether for his out door business for the rest of spring/summer.)