Antibiotics for strep b?


Okay so they found strep b in my urine so they put me on amoxicillin. I did the full 7 days and everything and they tested me again and I STILL had it. So now they want to put me on clindomycin to try and get rid of it (I'm 33 weeks rn).

I'm gonna be talking to my doc about it this Friday but I want outside opinions first. Taking this antibiotic makes me nervous because my fiancé is allergic to azithromycin. Although we cant know for SURE, what if my baby inherited the allergy to this group of antibiotics? Wouldn't taking it hurt her then? Giving that idea it makes me not want to mess with anymore antibiotics. I also say this because strep b can be hard to get rid of and I've heard of people taking several rounds of antibiotics and still having it. Also, you can take antibiotics to get rid of it and it can come right back in a few weeks. I already know I'm going to be treated with antibiotics when I'm in labor, so what's the point??

Yes I do realize they're just trying to prevent complications when I do have her, but even if I did have strep at the time of giving birth and it went untreated, the chances of her getting an infection from it are actually pretty low. And I'd still be treated during labor anyway to prevent it so again I just don't know if I should feel comfortable putting more antibiotics in my body that could possibly hurt her now.

Opinions? Anybody have any knowledge in this area?