Ladies I need help!!!!

Ok so I went off of my birth control pill after being on it for 8 years...I was on ortho tricyclen low, then moved to seasonique then moved to Minerva then to generess fe, I have been off of my pill since April, got my first off pill AF on May 6th....hubby and I have been ttc ever since I went off my pill, I started taking prenatal vitamins after AF disappeared....I went to the OBGYN on May 23 and he said everything looks normal, my husband had a girl pregnant many years ago but she we know that his swimmers are good.....I am awaiting AF to show her ugly face again, then onto doing the BD it normal for this to happen.....I am really frustrated......I took bbt and opks to track best days......we BD every day!!!!! And I took PT but I end up with BFN everytime!!!!! Is it normal for AF to be this crazy after the pill.....OBGYN told me that I could get pregnant the day I go off the pill but obv.....that's not the case....I need opinions HELP ME!!! Please.