It's a feel good kind of day.

When your very first client of the day shows up with a goodie bag that has a bottle and disposable bibs, you get the feeling your day is going be a good one. Then your paycheck is finally rocking after 2 busy weeks, lunch winds up being super yummy, and you call babies r us and your crib is ready to be picked up. When you finally get home after a busy day, you find that your husband did, in fact, unpack your surprise hellofresh box, which has all yummo looking meals for the week, and to top it all off, you get your thredup box, filled with consignment maternity clothes, and just about everything fits and is adorable. Now to relax until the hubs comes home from work to cook with you and snuggle. If this migraine can just not come on full force, I'd say it has been a pretty wonderful day!