Severe Itching 😭

Vanessa β€’ Soon to be momma of 5 πŸ™ˆβ€
Okay there has to be another momma who has experienced this 😭 I started feeling itchy on the back of my scalp first then lower legs, knees, thighs now its spread to my stomach and back.... It's literally just itchiness and after come tiny bumps (after itching a lot) I have tried jergens , hydrocortisone& now aveeno itch creme they were all working until now 😭 When it first started happening my OB said it's NOT pregnancy related so I went to regular doctor they said It HAS TO BE pregnancy related and they can't help me. I just want it to stop😭 my skin looks so scabbed and scarred and even making my stretch marks worse. Any one experience this ??????