Kid a pedophile? Edited

My daughter who is now 10 met a friend at a online school meet up 2 years ago. She made friends with him now 12 and his sister now 8. She is closer with the boy, they they have a lot of mutual interest. She still is very close with the girl too. Yes they have a awkward crush. But they never tell each other, they both never talk about anything bad, I'm there when they Skype, his mom and dad are very much involved as well and monitor as well, they only have met up 1 time in the 2 years but Skype regularly. My fiance wants me to end their friendship saying it's him or the boy. He says he's a pedophile and a pervert because he is friends with my daughter and has a little odd crush on her. My question is he right, am I not seeing this right? He says I'm a bad mom because I let them still talk. They really don't show their crush its just I pick up on it because I was a kid once who had little crushes before. He's not her bio dad and we have been together for over a year. Any questions I will answer. He keeps saying how me and her don't love his son like we do the friend, I feel like that's his issue really. And he keeps threatening to Facebook his family and tell them they are sick they raised a pedophile And call them junkies. Which would mess up her friendships with the kids who are her only friends that have stuck (we homeschool)

She's born in June

he's in February

So they are 2 years and a few months apart.

*Edit* Thank you all for your input. I am really taking it all in. Yes I see what you are saying about abusive and controlling behavior. I am going to ask him to go into counseling with me and also by himself. If he doesn't then I will have to let go, I know it's not good for my daughter and she will always come first forever. Also I will keep an eye out for any small thing that seems off with his relationship with her. They are never alone, and I'm always around when he is there. I've known people close to me who have been molested by mom's boyfriend's and refuse to let my little girl suffer like that. I love him, but I would never let that cloud my judgement as a mother to my children, the most unsuspecting person could be a rapist I'm not beyond knowing this. But I do think he had delt with molesters in his past and has seen the outcome of it and dosent want it to happen to her,or someone to take advantage of her. But I will never say never because you never know with anyone truly. Thank you again for your positive words, advice, and no attacks it means a lot as a mother.

Oh and someone asked how far apart are me and him we are 10 years apart.

And to the women who shared your story Thank you it keeps my eyes open and helps me continue to stay cautious even when some think I go overboard. Sorry those things happened to any of you. Please trust I will always choose my children, I will always put them first, I will believe anything they say, I will listen to their feelings and fears.