Doctor wants to do ANOTHER glucose test


I'm 32 weeks and some change. I took the gestational diabetes glucose test a few weeks ago, failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. I visited my doctor for my 32 week check and she wants me to do the glucose test AGAIN. 😐 normally I'm fine with whatever blood test she wants to run but I work nights and that makes it very difficult to fast all night at work after chasing my toddler all day, then having to stay up all day again for the doctor appmt and then take care of my little one.

My doctor also tried to push my due date back two weeks randomly, based on baby looking a little small on a quick ultrasound, despite measuring 31 cm fundal height. I have a hard time believing this as my last doctor when preggo with my son told me my son was only going to be around 5lbs. He came out a healthy 8.1! I have a feeling this one will be around the same. Isn't gestational diabetes supposed to make your baby bigger, not smaller? That's the only reason I can think of that she'd want a third test. I must admit I AM a bit confused why she would want me to take ANOTHER test lol. Any ideas? My doctor never really sticks around for questions or anything and acts like I'm annoying/inconveniencing her or just plain stupid for questioning her by asking anything.

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