UPDATE: 6/13/16
I saw the lab tech today and can't wait to hear back!  I also took another test this morning!  My husband said to me this morning. Take a test I'm pretty sure your pregnant and just not telling me!  And gave me a funny look...busted since I started laughing so hard!! At lunch he asked and I told him the test said yes...I'm so honest I suck at keeping secrets!  
Oh he also told me about a older lady in his hometown posted something about a baby after a MC is called a Rainbow baby.  I think it's for sure this time! 👶🏻✨💖
UPDATE: 6/9/16
Dr called back and I get in Monday! No lab tech this week! This whole wait and see is driving me nuts!!!
Original post: 6/8/16 
I seriously can't believe this just had a MC conformed on May 4! Scared to get my hopes up and be excited but I'm excited and confused!!!  Oh and I just took this several minutes ago! 
I'm thinking of going to the dr first before I tell my husband due to the MC broke him down pretty bad!  THANKS LADIES!!!