PP runners w leakage :(

8 weeks postpartum and have LOVED getting back running.  My body feels stronger each run, but my leakage issue is really getting me down. 
I can't run on pavement down hill without leakage. Also on longer mileage runs I have to stop because as soon as my bladder starts filling it's like I'll explode.
Any recs on how to manage? I've used the Poise pads to soak any leakage but I find them so thick that they get like a fat diaper due to my sweat mostly (urine doesn't help). What do you use to line that doesn't Feel like you're wearing straight up adult diapers? I
I try to do kegels, but anything else that will help? Will time help?! So frustrating my body and legs are ready to run and run fast but my bladder is keeping me back