Really bad swelling, please read!


I have a question, I know you're not all doctors, but maybe you've experienced this.

I'm 38w 4 days, my feet have now been swollen consistently for about 4 weeks or so now, usually they're super crazy puffy and squishy(which I know is normal in pregnancy especially towards the end). the last few days they haven't been getting as big, I'd say probably half the size, a little more, but the swelling that I have now, is like, rock hard, and painful.

I was suppose to go see my doctor today, but the office called and said she called off, and she's only in on wednesdays. There is nobody else I can see until Tuesday. (Horrible doctors office!)

Wondering if anyone here has ever experienced this, and what they did?

Or should I go to the er and get evaluated? Maybe even just call and see what they say?