Still waiting. Due june 12 with my second. Expectations high.

Stevie • Mom of 3.

I was hoping he'd come on may 31st my daughter's birthday- nothing

I was hoping 6/6/16 because it'd be cool- nothing

I was hoping today 6/8/16 because it's my mom lucky number and she passed away 2 years ago. - nothing

Now I'm hoping June 13 because his sister's is may 31 and it'd be flipped flopped.

If he doesn't show still, I'm hoping father's day. :) 6/19/16

If not by than they will induce around the 26th but I'm sure he will come on his own like my daughter did at 41 weeks. Wether they say the second comes sooner or not, he's going to be here sometime in June. JUST WAITING WITH A LOT OF HOPE.