Tight problem down there

Okay so we're getting into TMI starting noooowwww
Essentially my VJ is super tight. Like one finger doesn't hurt too bad it's just a little intrusion, but two is painful like every time, and most guys don't put in three fingers but every time I try to I can't get them in passed the first knuckle. 
So anyways during sex it's always painful & it took this one guy like four or five thrusts to get fully seated (I almost called the whole ordeal off tbh). 
SOOOO any other ladies have this problem? What do you do to remedy this? My friend says it's because I'm not aroused enough but I can assure you that's not the case. I'm always super turned on because of foreplay, so I'm always super wet (like it makes the noooiiseeeee that I abhor). 
Ideas? Questions? Comments? Concerns?