Glucose test w/ orange drink

This post is calm any first time moms' nerves about taking the glucose screening. Firstly, for those who don't know, it is a screening that tests for gestational diabetes, a condition that is dangerous to the baby if untreated. Anywhoo, I was super nervous about drinking the 50 gram bottle of glucose (orange flavor) because so many women on here talk badly about it or have had a bad experience. Today was my 1 hour screening & honestly, in my opinion, the drink tasted like flat orange soda. When soda is flat, it's super sweet and a little nasty. While drinking it within the 5 minute window given, I immediately felt hot. I had to stand in front of a window to finish drinking. Afterwards, I felt the need to sit down and relax. A faint dizziness came over me. But I was totally fine after 10-20 mins of just sitting up in bed. I don't know if I passed but I'm hoping I did. My blood was drawn as soon as I reached the doctors office an hour after drinking the glucose. I will not be taking the 3 hour test if I failed the 1 hour. It is fact that GD only affects 5-7% of women. And majority of women fail the 1 hr and pass the 3 hr. So, if your test is coming up, please don't psych yourselves ladies! You'll be fine! Remember that every woman's experience is her own. Own yours and take it in stride.