38 weeks and Breech

Christie • Hi Glow family! I`m a happily married lady with a son. TTC #2 I`m a festival goer and lover of music.
So today I had my normal check up got sent to L&D to be monitored bc baby was sleepy at office so they wanted to double check, I got a ultrasound and baby is breech. Then they just sent me home I had questions and they just told me that when I come in to deliver to REMIND them of baby being breech... Ugh no. I'll be calling my dr tom morning with my questions. Is it to late to try to move baby? Can he move on his own? Does this mean I need to have a c section? I felt as if I was just left in the dark. Anyone else baby breech this far along? Do u think baby will eventually move? What can I do to get baby to flip?