Not pregnancy realated

I have a 2yr old son.. Since yesturday morning he woke up with his head hot, i didnt worry to much because i just thought it was bcuz the room was a bit warm. But around noon i felt him more warmer so i checkd his temp and it was 102.6 so i gave him some motrin, and then he felt a sleep for a while, later that day his temp keep going down. So by 4am the next morning i checkd his temp again bcuz he was warm and his temp was 102.8 again i gave him motrin but i took him to the childrens hospital bcuz im jut worried about him having a fever and he doesnt have any other symptoms.. But the doctors didnt do anything all they said that is good that he has a fever that means that his fighting a are u fucking i guess my son is having a fever for nothing.. I just checkd his temp and is 103.1 gave him some motrin.. What would u ladies do in my case?