The argument of circumcision... I'm done.

Carrie • 21 years old 🔮 mother to Leonidas 8.3.16 🦁 In love with my best friend since July 8th 2014 .💕
Over the past few days I've been seeing far too many women bash each other on the topic of circumcision.
Let me get one thing straight: NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is entitled enough to tell a mother what is best for their own child. You plan on circumcising your son? Great, you are doing what you believe is best for YOUR child. You plan on keeping his foreskin in tact? Great as well, because you also believe you are doing what's best for YOUR son.
It is so mind boggling that women feel the need to bash each other's parenting styles. Do what is best for your child because at the end of the day does another person's decision to circumcise/not circumcise THEIR child personally affect you? The answer is no.
We are all about to be mothers and don't need to be told what's right and what's wrong given every situation is different.
With that being said ladies, do what you think is best for your son. Your personal beliefs can be voiced without a need to be shoved down another parent's throat.
*mic drop*