Bad experiences with doctors

Rachel • Glow Community Manager

Have you ever had a doctor (/nurse/etc) treat you badly? Or have a terrible medical experience in general because of the way the doctors treated you? I've been hearing some stories lately - especially about traumatic birth experiences- and I'd like to hear your stories. Whether it was a regular physician or a dentist, please share, and especially if it's about experiences with OB/GYNs: from shaming you to not giving you enough information, to being generally creepy, to making you cry from their terrible bedside manner.

What happened? What made it such a bad experience? Were there any red flags? 

And I guess if you've given it some thought: What makes the difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor?


ETA: Here is an interesting - and heartbreaking - article about the way that women aren't taken seriously about their medical problems and pain, told through a harrowing account of the writer and his wife's trip to the emergency room after (unknown to them) an untreated ovarian cyst caused her ovary to twist over on itself and go into organ failure. This caused incredible pain, the like of which most people never experience without also dying. They went immediately to the ER when she started feeling pain. Everything should have been fine, but instead, she almost died, because no one took her very seriously, and she suffered through the worst pain a human being can endure for 14 hours. This last line hit me hard:

"Rachel’s physical scars are healing, and she can go on the long runs she loves, but she’s still grappling with the psychic toll—what she calls “the trauma of not being seen.” She has nightmares, some nights. I wake her up when her limbs start twitching."