Gender Problems πŸ˜”

So we found out that we are having a baby girl and my husband got really upset. So upset he didn't say a thing when the tech told us and he started tearing up once we got in the car. He literally makes me feel like shit. He said that he had his heart set on baby being a boy. Now he keeps saying that we need a repeat ultrasound. He keeps making comments about "our son." All I care about is that the baby is healthy but he makes such a big deal about the gender. He is seriously acting like an asshole and its starting to irritate me. So today I had a repeat ultrasound and it confirmed that our baby is a girl. I'm nervous about telling him. He made a comment about "well when we have our son" and I had enough so I bitched him out and told him to build a bridge and get the FCK over it. I told him, its a girl so just stfu already. Now he's upset with me for lashing out like that. Anybody else's husband the same way? How do you deal?