Fair or not?

So I'm 19 and currently living at home because I'm in college right now (hoping to be moved out by next year) and my mom is perfectly fine with that. I do not have a job at the moment but have been actively looking, so all in all, I stay home all day. I do mild cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the litter box but now I'm expected to do everything like a housemaid would. The house is a complete disaster because everyone leaves their crap everywhere but I'm sick of cleaning up everyone's messes! It's my mom, her boyfriend and my younger brother that live here, all perfectly capable of doing chores. Do you think it's fair that I have to do all of the housework just because I'm on summer break with no job right now? 
Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm fine with mild housework because it keeps me busy. I just don't agree with doing everything since there's 3 other able bodied people in the home. And even when I get a job, the house will still be a disaster if I don't clean. Drives me up the wall!!!
Edit #2: she's not paying for my college and she also does not give me money. I'm thankful she's letting me stay here at no cost, but I'm being taken advantage of. I'm not a maid
Emily I am looking for a job. But regardless I'd still be expected to do all the work. And I also make my own food and do not have a car and she doesn't pay my phone bill