So I had posted previously regarding NAUGHTY PICS about my baby daddy sending a dick pic for a tit pic. Long story short, kicked him out to his moms. Now here's a background. His own mother left him when he was 9mo old cz she's cray and they didn't really see each other up until he was 18 or so. He just started coming around maybe 5 years ago. Again, long story short ..they have a weird relationship. 
....NOW..tell me why this lady posts things on FB trying to insinuate that IM wrong for her son lol uhm..I don't think it's your business to know that your son sent his ding dong to some other female instead of spending time with his gf and TWO WEEK old son 😏.. OH..and she sent me a text saying that she wanted to "educate me on breastfeeding" and that I am "what I eat"..she even listed them. She said I am "a spicy basil chicken and hot sauce and brownies" foods that she fed me when she came to visit her grandson. Well listen lady, today I am a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE AND ANIMAL STYLE FRIES AND A DOUBLE DOUBLE FROM IN N OUT! But hey..I'm going to be a grown person and let her keep posting stupid things on social media and not give her the satisfaction that I am affected by it. My own mother will rip her a new one if I involved her too lol I'm going to stay classy and not stoop down to an uneducated, miserable, unhappy level like herself 💁🏻