Out of anger did something ive never done before šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢šŸ˜“šŸ˜“

WARNING LONG POST ::: So ive been married for 3years and we have a 2year old son together and 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. (A little of our history) his is in the military and was raised being a bit on the spoiled side. Everything always had to be his way or all about him. Well we had lots of problems in the 1st year of our marriage we both wanted to have a baby and when i got pregnant he changed and became extremely controling and abusive (mentally, physically, emotionally) it was so bad and even after i gave birth it continued. He would attack me and strangle me while i held our son in my arms and would lose consciousness. Around the time our son turned 1 he got deployed to Iraq and i thought it was a perfect time to escape from that lifestyle and i moved in with my parents (i had no where else to go) when he found out i was done with he did everything he could to try to get me to go back to him. In which he lied and told me he had heart cancer. (I dont joke around about cancer because its something serious so i didnt think he was lying) so he came back from deployment and i went back to him. He told me he lied but he also told me he had changed and 2 months after he was back we got pregnant. Since hes been back he hasnt gotten physical with me at all and we dont really argue anymore but still gots somethings to work on when it comes to his anger and name calling. Anyways the weather has only been getting hotter and a few weeks ago i noticed my cars AC is running warmer than usual so i told my husband about it. But he wants nothing to do with helping me fix it. And it getting me upset because i have to be in 99Ā°+ weather in a hot car with a 2year old and 30 weeks pregnant while going to appts and what not. And our son just sits in his carseat sweating and crying and his cheeks get sooooo red even if its just to go to the grocery store down the street. And yesterday my husband and i got in an arguement about that because he doesnt want to help me fix the ac (but doesnt let me take the car to a place that will fix it). And he compares how at his work he has it worst because they are always out in the hot sun ( pretty much telling me that me and our son have to deal with it) i got sooooooo mad and i..... i punched him..... in the face..... by his eye...... then called me a bitch..... so i gave him another. šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜” and ive never gotten to the point where thats happened. Usually hes the one thats abusive and now this happened idk what to do. He hasnt talked to me since the insident yesterday and hasnt interacted woth our son. Any advice?????