Overexcited hubby!

Sooooo my hubby has planned o take 7 days off for baby. Well he's the kind that gets super excited very easy so when Dr swept my membranes he was SURE we were having a baby that day and left work! All of his coworkers likely think we had a baby.... That was Tuesday and he's still home. I told him yesterday he could go ahead to work and he said no can't leave you the baby could come! Well guess what she hasn't and he should have been there at 9! Sooo these days spent at home have counted as his leave. He's spent half of it sitting around waiting! Meaning he may get a day or two at home with us after she's born and then back to work, he works 9 am to 9pm sometimes as latest as 11 or 12 so I will be alone with new baby and then we have 4 other kiddos as well. They are all back and forth right now for summer break so its going to be crazy getting them to and from places and let's not mention the stairs in my house I'll have to climb alone! I just want to cry! Go to work punk! Love you dearly but you're KILLING me!