Pregnancy Test Anxiety

Hi all. I'm writing this in hopes that others can share their stories with me and help to ease my anxiety. I took plan b as a precautionary measure, even though my period had just ended the day before. My boyfriend and I used protection from there on, and I believe the plan b pill caused my period to come two weeks early (just a week after finishing my last period). There is a possibility of a pre cum mishap and I am always paranoid about condoms breaking. Anyways, I am 8 days late for my regular period, but still have 3 more days to go for my plan b induced period to be late. I am so anxious about taking a test, every time I try I just begin shaking and having a panic attack of sorts. Any sage advice on how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for this? Truthfully the scariest type of test I've ever taken. Thank you in advance.