Contest: STICKERS ON EVE!!!! Post your best sticker + photo combo and win a prize!!


Ladies!!! <a href="">Eve</a> now has Stickers!!!


Which means it's time for a sticker contest. 


Just post a photo along with a sticker. The best photo-sticker combo wins!


We’re giving out so many prizes, it’s unreal:

+The first 20 participants get a free sticker pack!

+The top 20 entries with the most upvotes get a free month of Premium!

+The top 5 entries with the most upvotes get an <a href="">Eve</a> tote bag!


Go go go!


Want to learn more about stickers? Click here!

And be sure to leave a review in the Play Store or App Store! We want to know what you think about <a href="">Eve</a>!