Can I force them to induce me?

I don't want a single comment telling me to keep her in because induction is bad or anything. I know the facts, I've done my research, and I KNOW with my mamas intuition that my baby needs to be born at 40 weeks end of story. Here's the problem;
I go to a clinic where you see someone new every time you go in. I've seen doctors until now and they've all said if I'm dialated to a 1-2 at 39 weeks, they'll schedule me to be induced at 40 weeks. Well I'm 38 weeks and suddenly no doctors are available for ANY of my appointments so I'm stuck with bitchy midwives who won't even check me when I ask them to. They refuse to induce me until 2 weeks after my due date, and in my opinion the risks of her having a bowel movement or something because they waited too long is greater than the risk of me having to have a C section because I induced. Either way, I had my heart set on giving birth on my due date and that's how I want it to go. There's no doctors available for appointments yet but I'm calling everyday to see if there's a cancellation. Should I call and ask if a doctor will talk to me about inducing on the phone?! Call the hospital to see if the on call doctor for that day will induce me?? Or just INSIST on these midwives doing it? (And when I say bitchy, I'm not just saying because they're not giving me my way. This woman acted as if I wanted to kill my baby when I asked to be checked for dialation and didn't even give me a chance to talk.