33 weeks questions Plz. :)

VIIXXXIMMXVII🎀💕 • FT young mom & dad to a Babygirl born July 31st,2016 @ 39w. 6lbs even 19in long. ❤ She has changed our life before making an entrance🙌 Thank God for all we have :)
So last night I started getting this period like cramps on my thighs & lower back nothing really bad just uncomfortable for maybe 30 secs to 1 min. I got it maybe twice. Then this feeling like needing to go #2 but not in my tummy but on my actually back side (lol) it's not braxton hicks I know exactly when I'm getting thos. Anyone experienced this ever ? I'm not worried about it just curious. Could it just be my body getting ready for labor?