A cold while pregnant 😩😓😴🤒

So I just kind of got a cold recently. Even when I'm not pregnant, colds last a long time for me. I just have a poor immune system to begin with. I once had bronchitis for 3 months straight. Now I'm 21 weeks with a sore throat and some congestion. Being sick AND pregnant sucks because you can't take most medicines to feel better. I'm not sure how I got it, but it's possible my friend's daughter gave it to me. I was hanging out with her when she mentioned later on how she had a cold. Then her daughter who is rowdy was basically breathing right down my neck and I was like "please don't get me sick. I can't deal with that and being pregnant at the same time" then the last 2 days or so, I felt it coming on. 😒😒 I think once I get better I will just avoid everyone possible in case they're sick and forget to tell me. And being a single mom, it sure makes it all the more fun *sarcasm* ugh