Is this a positive or negitive ovulation test??

It's not "darker" so is this negitive I am also tracking ferning .
I got some fern patterns the night  before I took this test however by this point the ferns were gone! No cramping or anything like normal but I had a few sharp pains 11-12 days after my last period
But I did have a lot of super slimy sticky cm on day 11 and the day I got the ferns and my cervix was softer then normal and high but I could reach it just barely ... My "fertile period on GLOW " started to day. I got this test on day 13 after my last period and the ferns 12 days after my last period .. Today my cervix is already low and hard with a lot less cm and now it's like between water and lotion
So I am wandering did I miss it? Was that ovulation??
I got to say I am confused