there is still hope for you!!!! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜

I dont even know when i ovulate ...
i have diffrent cycles every month ...Β 
when i "ovulate" i dont get symptoms or when i have period no symptoms at all... and i am pregnant now !!! girls there is still hope!!! Β even if i have regular sex almost everyday i didnt get pregnant ... in may i had intercourse 4 times thats it and now am 1 month pregnant!!
even if i was super depressed and so much stress i became pregnant!Β 
my cycle was super late i feelt like my period will come .. so much discharge but no blood... no pregnancy symptoms at all ... no sore boobs or anything and i lost weight and i am underweight !!Β 
and i got 2 very red lines !
so there is still hope!!! i got my symptoms very late when my period was Β 2 weeks late .. only nausea thats it !!!Β 
it took me 9 months exactly