Love one another

Victoria • Almost 20 engaged to the most amazing man. Just trying to get by.
Why can't we all just accept we are all unique
Our styles aren't the same, our skin is a different color, we love different people but that doesn't make us different from one another. 
We all have a heart that beats in our chest and blood running through our veins we are one race. A human race. 
We should all stand together fight for a common good no more hate to those that don't live the same lives we do. Wake up and see through it all we are the same. We are one species living together. We are connected weather we see it or not. So what someone doesn't believe the same as you don't harm them. Acceptance, we need to learn this. We need to wake up and start educating ourselves on the world around us. Stop making comments about something you may believe without facts behind it. Stop assuming you are right. Look at the world around you have an open mind. Respect those that don't have the same opinion as you. As long as you or they are not causing harm to someone what is the problem? Harm can be emotional as well let me put that in as well. Stop thinking that the answer is taking away guns or being helicopter parents/"perfect parents" that isn't the answer. The answer is acceptance kindness love and forgiveness. If only we could just accept one another if only we could stop being consumed with ourselves and our beliefs. If only we could stop shoving our way of life down other people's throats. Wake up people there are billions of us. We will never agree on everything. There will always be things that don't sit well with us but we need to stop being pansy ass bitches that whine and fight when we don't get our way. It is time we start acting mature and start doing accepting those around us. Yes there are many problems in our world and yes some wars need to be fought but we do not need to be belittling people because we think we could have done better or differently. We live our own lives we can not live someone else's and until you have been that person forever you can not comment on their life. This started out as me trying to write a song but I guess this came out of it. My writer wanted to get free tonight and honestly I hope it impacts some people at the least and help others to see we need to stop judging and start accepting. Remember race, body build, religion (unless it calls for harm to others), style, money, relationships, etc. don't define us. Our actions do and under it all we are the same so please stop holding onto race or religion or the way a person parents their child (unless they are truly abusive) love one another accept one another please. So much is going on in our world can't we try to accept one another. We are in an age where we can connect to almost anyone and learn anything you think by now we would all know the only thing that defines us is our personality.