Would this make you mad?

I don't think it's unrealistic for me, a pregnant woman to ask their SO, a soon to be first time dad to be home by 4 in the morning on the weekends. I feel like that's really reasonable. I personally hate it when he comes In late, loud, smelling of alcohol and wanting to eat. I also like to sleep when it's dark outside. Not when the suns about to come up. I've always been one to think the sun goes down and comes up for a reason, so we can sleep during that time. He told me before he left that he'd be home by 4. But is still out and says he doesn't want to come home yet. Mind you he's been out since 9:30. I feel very disrespected. He agreed with me on this time before he left. I think 4 is beyond reasonable! I'm a worrier, so it's hard for me to sleep when he's out drinking, he knows this. I would really like him to show me a sense of responsibility before this baby gets here. Would this frusterated anyone else or just me?