Stretch marks, cellulite, veins, oh my!!

About 32 weeks pregnant here with my first one and I'm just checking in to see if I'm the only one who's skin has given up on looking halfway decent during pregnancy. I haven't really had acne but I've got major stretch marks on my belly, hips, and upper thighs, veins all over (feel like my legs might as well be translucent) and my thighs are full of cellulite. 😑 I've always had bigger thighs, (thunder thighs really) thanks to genetics and years of playing volleyball, but in the last couple months I feel like my muscles completely went away and all that's left is cottage cheese. I have been working out some as well so my only conclusion is that pregnancy is the culprit. My husband keeps reminding me it's a good thing because we're having a baby, but being that it's summer now and I want to wear shorts, I just keep feeling self conscious. Would appreciate hearing if I'm just a lucky one or if others are experiencing similar symptoms. Thanks!!!