Uncharitable complaint

Sorry- this is a horrible thing to complain about, but since I can't be anything other than loving and sympathetic in real life, anonymous forum complaints are my only outlet.

So it's trigger and timed intercourse weekend around these parts. I was so psyched to have it finally fall on a weekends when time and energy wouldn't be in short supply. Anyway, literally as my husband was giving me the hcg shot, my MIL calls to tell us that my FIL was having a heart attack and they just put him on an ambulance to the nearest hospital 1.5 hours away. So now we are off on an impromptu 10 hour road trip to see my FIL in the hospital. At least the hospital is far enough away from my MIL that we will be staying in a hotel, but hitting our 24, 36 and 48 hour sexy times is going to be a challenge.

BTW my FIL is going to be okay- kind of an important detail here.