Water broke?? Please Comment!

I'm about 36-38 weeks. Thursday morning I got a gush of bloody discharge and was told took to the hospital by my doctor. When I got to the hospital the rn made me pee in cup and than she said that I probably have a UTI because the color of my pee. (My pee always has a dark yellow hue after I take my prenatals, which I took 30 min before I got there) I just ignored her and said okay. She checked to see if I was dilated and she said that I was completely closed. After she gave me antibiotics through iv i asked her if she was sure it was a UTI and she said yes. The whole time I was looking at my cup of pee that she never sent off to get tested for a UTI. I went home. I was still getting bloody discharge that than faded to clear. The next morning I go use the restroom and when I wipe it's more pink than red with little red blood flecks. I call my dr again and they tell me to go back to er, but I decided not too. Because it went away acouple hours later. But than I start leaking I think it's discharge again but I go to use the restroom and it's clear with no texture, no smell, no color, and it soaks my underwear it went through to my pants and you can see a wet spot on them. Today it's been the same but it's not so much fluid but still a lot and it's by per because I'll go pee and than acouple minutes later a gush will come out again. Also it wasn't a gush that everybody describes that trickles down your leg or feels like your peeing on yourself also I haven't lost my mucus plug that I know of or seen... Please no negative comments. 😒🙄