Ok so it may seem odd but I really do want to know... Say your husband is an asshole and the Fourth of July is coming up. You guys just had a baby a month ago. Both your family and his extended family that aren't in town very often are having family functions on the same day... Yours is at one in the afternoon and an hour away. His is most likely sometime after that. AND he works that day until 3pm. You wanted to take the baby out of town (technically out of state) the first part of the day to see your extended family then get back around 3 or 4pm and go with him to his family function. But he tells you if he does have to work that day (he almost never has Sunday's off... It's on a Sunday) that the baby is NOT leaving town but he wants him up at his moms for the day so his family that doesn't always stay the whole time can see the baby too and he'd be there after work. He won't okay for you to try to do both and take your guys son out of town the first part of the day. Selfish I know. So if you decide to do it anyway... Would that technically be kidnapping? If you take your guys child out of state even if only an hour away without his permission? I think this is a thing but I have no idea. What the hell can I do? Makes no sense that he insists the baby is in town the entire day instead of doing both parties. He won't even be around hell be in work first off. Secondly you'd be back in town by three or four pm. Yes he's an asshole. So your family coming in from many states away can't see you or the baby at all because he wants his family to be able to see the baby the whole day. Then he says if he's off work he'll be okay with it and go with us and then come back for his Fam thing with us. So i can do it with him there why can't I when he's working if he works ? 😑