Is this ocd?

Ok, I'm just posting this to get advice on whether or not I should see a therapist or something. Over the past 2 years, after getting married, which means my life Is a little more stressful now because I have to worry about bills, and being an adult this voice comes to me. I KNOW it's me, it's not like schizophrenia. It tells me, (or I guess I tell myself) to do certain acts or my husband will die, family members, loved ones, myself, etc... Sometimes it's not even things that matter like, turn the radio station, touch that wall, etc. I have to make sure everything is turned off before I leave. I will go make sure my straightener is unplugged 5 times! Even thought I KNOW it's unplugged I still have to check again. When mailing someone a card I have to check over and over reopen the envelope and make sure I spelled every thing right, or addressed it to th right person. Every thing always has to be perfect or i have anxiety attacks.When I was younger 8-10 I was terrified of knives because "the voice" would tell me to kill myself. I didn't really even know how to kill myself with a knife at that age really. And I don't believe I'm suicidal or anything. If I'm helping family in the kitchen and I grab a knife "the voice" like tells me to stab someone and I think about what would happen and stuff. I WOULD NEVER kill or hurt anyone so I don't know why I feel this way! Please does anyone else have this problem?