Happy and scared at the same time. 😣😀

So I've been feeling sick for the last couple of weeks, Flu like symptoms and then a lot of nausea. I'll feel really hungry but unable to eat anything cause the nausea is killing me. My boyfriend keep telling me that I have psychopathic symptoms since we just had a miscarriage in December and one in March again (which I have come to accepted) I thought different and decided to take a pregnancy test and I got my BFP. Yay I'm excited but also scared and hope this one sticks. The other thing is my boyfriend wanted us to wait to try again so now I don't know how to tell him. I feel like this is going to put a strain on our relationship again and it'll become stressful. I guess I just I'm just trying to figure out how to tell him an well I couldn't keep the excitement to myself and needed to tell someone. 😁😁