My hubby made up big time

J • 27 and working on my second child. Full time medical assistant and going back to school for my RN.
Me and hubby have been having a rough time lately so he has been in the dog house cuz he has been messing up. I had my baby shower yesterday and things went wrong. The person who was supposed to bring the food and cake didn't show up due to a family member who got taken off of life support and never called back or picked up to let is know if she at least was gonna drop it off. Then alot of other events and ppl that said they where coming didn't show so it was a small. My hubby picked up some food and cooked on the grill and got a cake right before the shower and told me don't worry about who didn't come. Then he gave me this upgrade at the end of the shower in front of everyone!!!! I say he is not in trouble anymore. Lol