Older and broke! I need outside opinions.

Ok so I've pretty much done everything right in life. College grad at 23, I'm a teacher. Married an engineer and have 2 wonderful boys 10&7. Until my husband became an alcoholic. After a few years and several totaled cars later we got a divorce. I'm now very happily remarried, ex is doing much better and is also remarried. Thing is, I got stuck with a TON of debt. Current hubs is graduating in may of next year. He is 39 and I am 36. He has no children and wants one of his own badly. We are living in a (nice but small) trailer to save up for a house. I want to start trying now. Neither of us is getting any younger! By the time we have the baby it will be near graduation and close to being able to afford a house. I know there will never be a "right" time but I also don't want to be selfish. What do you think??

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